Aimless (2009)

Aimless (2009)
Run time: 78 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Tobias Tobbell
Stars: Keith Arnold, Trudi Boatwright, Maye Choo
Trivia: A fantastical comedy where three listless losers are about to have their lives upended. Standing in their way, though, are assassins, cults, supernatural powers, and nervous mums.
Aimless is the interwoven tale of three unconventional people looking for direction in life. Nathan is a jaded businessman, whose business just happens to be espionage and assassination. Percy is a balding sad-sack – a man so wretched he considers a mouse called Alan his best friend. And Zara is only a hair’s breadth from returning to the insane asylum, which is unfortunate as she’s about to get a nasty surprise. As our three protagonists find themselves swirling down the plughole of life, it’s up to them to grab onto the greasy sink-hair of hope. They can either give up and admit defeat – or throw themselves headlong into new, confusing, and often frightening existences. With loved ones being kidnapped, mental states collapsing, genetic manipulation, vigilante violence, snipers, secrets, dead friends, clown fetishists, Glock-wielding mums, and two ever more confused narrators, it’s hard to tell which option is more dangerous. Can Nathan, Zara and Percy escape their aimless lives – … Written by Sam A V Forster
Plot Keywords: love, superhero, secret agent, friendship, british comedy
Country: UK

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