Separation Anxiety (2010)

Separation Anxiety (2010)
Run time: 100 min
Rating: 6.5
Genres: Drama
Director: Cole Simon
Stars: Tyler Seiple, Kiana Harris, John Wesley Shipp
Trivia: Two childhood friends come to terms with their once-innocent relationships as they grieve over the loss of their best friend and the mystery surrounding his death.
Separation Anxiety traces the friendship of three twenty-something childhood pals, Quinn, Jess, and Bailey…beginning on the morning of Bailey’s funeral. In what appears to be a fatal accident, Bailey fell off the dam where he used to hang out, and the shock of the event devastates everyone close to him in different ways. Quinn, having left their hometown years ago for a job out west, is forced to deal with his grief while stranded at the airport, while Jess spends the morning with Bailey’s father, trying to make sense of the tragedy. Quite content to stew in his grief, the emotionally distant Quinn is befriended during his delay by a fellow passenger, a woman named Lily, who knows loss and grief in such a way that Quinn cannot fully embrace. Back home, as Jess searches for answers in her tense dialogues with Mr. Palmer, she finds only more confusion and sorrow, particularly in the form of a letter Bailey left for her prior to his death. As the people who loved Bailey the most … Written by John Klein
Plot Keywords: death, tragedy, love, redemption
Country: USA
Box Office
Budget: $70,000 (estimated)

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